We do not invest exclusively in female founders, but we do believe more initiatives and data are needed to help female founders get on equal footing with their male peers, given that only 11% of total VC funding until now in Europe has gone to female founders. To that extent, we're launching four initiatives on this site:

1. Data gathering. We have launched a survey to understand better the rounds raised and returns generated for investors by female founders, to be able to issue an aggregated report that would help convince investors to invest more in female founders

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2. Investor introductions database. We are launching an invite-only Airtable with reciprocated intros. 

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3. Publicly available investor lists. We are crowdsourcing a visible list of VCs and angel investors who invest in female founders

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4. Showcases. We will be organising videoconferences to showcase female founders who at some point intend to raise capital, to investors who have indicated interest to invest. As soon as we have a critical mass of founders who want to be showcased, we will organise one.

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