When entering information, keep in mind:
  • you can enter as much information as you want, nothing is mandatory
  • we can give you feedback only on the sections filled in
  • no information will be released or forwarded to any 3rd party without prior consent, it will only be used to generate feedback.

Feedback will be given on the following areas:

MARKET DYNAMIC. The feedback on market dynamic specifies how the startup matches what investors are looking for in terms of market size and growth. This is one of the characteristics investors use to measure what kind of returns are realistic to expect upon successful exits. 

 In case you have previous investors, we give you feedback on their quality- high quality of previous investors is something that reduces the risk for investors in the next round. Such quality can be determined through a number of indicators, number of investments and exits being a few examples.

The feedback on stage progress discusses how the speed and pace of product development, getting to first users, revenues, etc is aligning with the expectations of investors. 

FUNDRAISING PROBABILITY. Here we give you a probability by weighing your feedback in the Team, Investors, Market and Stage Progress categories and indicate wether your next fundraising will go smoothly and quickly and if you'll be able to raise from your preferred investors.